Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here we go.

So, this is it. One more thing I will do to push myself one little step closer to achieving my goal. The first time I remember acknowledging my dream to become an author was in third grade. I entered a writing contest and, to my dismay, I actually won. Took my family of four out to dinner. It was then that I realized the joy that writing can bring. I had fun writing that little story and as a result, I was rewarded.

Do something you love and get paid for it? Sounds perfect to me.

Now, that payment can come in many different forms; it doesn't have to be cash. Money would be nice, but more than anything, I just want to have fun with this. I want to create something that someone else will truly want to read. Someone outside of my already amazingly supportive friends and family.

So....with that said, here is where things stand today: I have completed the first draft of a YA paranormal novel and am currently working on revisions. My *goal* is to complete this round of revisions by the end of May, 2011.

Let's hope this blog helps to keep me accountable to that goal.

If you are reading this very first post, you probably fall into one of those amazingly supportive categories aforementioned. Thank you!


  1. Look at you go Triplet! You are taking the world by storm one revision, review & blog post at a time! You go girl.

  2. You are truly amazing. I feel honored to be a part of your journey. I am so proud of you!

  3. I am #8 only because I could not link here last night from my phone *pouts*

    CONGRATS my friend! I love your new blog. This is very cool. You are AMAZING...have I told you this lately?

    I am SO behind you 200%. You are super talented & I know that you will get published. How can you not? Who knew that when I met you, I would become friends with a future SUPER AUTHOR? LUCKY ME!!!

    Keep your chin up & know that you always have us here for you no matter what! *SUPER HUGE HUGS*

  4. Double Demetri post! HA I made you laugh!

    Will you PLEASE add a email link so I can get email updates? PLEASE??? *bats eye lashes*

  5. Thank you so very much everyone! I'm feeling so very "out there" right now but it kind of feels good too. *fingers crossed*