Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 7 Most Inopportune Times to Get a New Idea

It's happened to all of us. You get this brilliant idea for a new book, or you've been struggling to fix a difficult plot point in your current WIP.

And then it comes to you! You've figured it all out and know exactly what to do! YAY!

Except, you're in a position that doesn't exactly allow you to abandon ship and snatch up your computer, or even paper, to jot it all down.

Below are 7 examples of true places I've had ideas to either fix a WIP, or for a new one, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to get the ideas out.

1. Driving. And usually when this happens, it's some insanely long trip where I won't be getting out of the car for hours.

2. In the shower. With soap all over my face and shampoo all over my hair. 

Source: google.co.za via Julia on Pinterest

3. Right in the middle of a long run or workout. 

4. Rocking the baby to sleep. For hours. 

5. At a wedding.

6. Girl's Night Out. (aka the night your friends forbid you to even talk about writing since you avoid them most of the year to write) 

Source: favim.com via Michelle on Pinterest

7. The minute your head hits the pillow. 

Janeal Falor had another worst moment that she shared in the comments. Thanks so much, Janeal!

8. At the park with the kids. I've totally been there as well.

Source: bit.ly via Gayle on Pinterest

How about you? What are the worst times a new idea comes to you? Post them in the comments below, and I'll add it to the post.


  1. Great post- I hate when the ideas come as soon as my head hits the pillow. Couldn't they have come at least a few minutes before I'm finally trying to get sleep? But I actually like getting ideas on a long car rides. It gives me time to mull them over and flesh them out before scrambling to write them down.

    The worst place I've had an idea so far is at the park after we just got there and the kids don't want to leave, and I left my notebook at home.

  2. Ha! I've had all of these except the wedding and the workout. *cough* This is why I keep notebooks everywhere. I have been known to pull over and jot stuff down. I have a weatherproof journal and pen in my shower. And there is always a notepad in my purse, in case I need to "use the ladies room" when out with friends.

    Perhaps I'm a little obsessive. ;)

  3. Hi Cindy

    I had the idea for my most recent WIP happen while I was on my way home from work, it's about a twenty minute drive but still...it drove me crazy. I was thinking about the WIP while driving in rush hour traffic, I almost pulled over to write but luckily I made it home safe & sounds, idea intact :)

    Thanks for following me on twitter @whimsicallyours!