Thursday, July 21, 2011

RIPPLE by Mandy Hubbard's Amazing Release Day Contest!

You've probably heard about the crazy talented author and agent, Mandy Hubbard. You've either read her awesome books or you're hoping beyond hope that she asks to read your manuscript one day. 

Well, today, you're in luck because you can do BOTH! In celebration of her newest book, Ripple, Mandy is offering ten people the chance to win either a first page manuscript critique or a query critique from her and 2 people the chance to win a copy of  Ripple.

Sounds great, right? You want Ripple, right? Or maybe you want the chance to have Mandy crit your work. Either way, don't miss this great opportunity!

You can enter to win for yourself HERE. Good luck to all who enter and congratulations to Mandy on yet another release day!

P.S. - Be sure to add Ripple to your TBR pile on GOODREADS.


  1. Oh, wow, this sounds like an amazing opportunity!

    by the way, you have an awesome blog here :). So, I'm presenting you with the Liebster Blog Award. Details on the award are on my blog. Congrats and enjoy!

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