Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Words Count

I've heard that the more books you write, the less you think about word count or how much you've written in a sitting. You just write.

I'm not to that point yet, as I tend to use word count as a form of motivation. I aim for a minimum of 1500 words a day. Some days I accomplish that goal and some days I don't even come close to it.

Recently, I've been blowing that goal out of the water and because of it, I'm in a constant state of giddy happiness. I'm sleep deprived, over caffeinated, and totally neglecting my house, but I feel GREAT.

Likewise, when I'm not meeting my writing goals, I'm despondent and feel like finishing this book will never happen.

I realize I'm probably not alone in this way of operating and that makes me feel much better about my little obsession with daily word counts. Sometimes I wonder how many books it will take me to get to that comfortable place where I no longer think about the number of words in my manuscript.

Until then I'll just keep wishing for more giddy high word count days. It's really much better for everyone in my household.

What about you? Do you share my obsession with words? Do you have a system for keeping up with the number of words you've written each day?


  1. No system here, just a commitment to write something each day. Some days my muse will pour out 8,000-10,000 words. Other times I am lucky to get one decent sentence down.

  2. I'm never as awesome as Trisha, but 1k is a really good day...but then I'm really neglecting something! No roasted veg. Pasta on those days!