Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday: Best of January 2012

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This Week's Topic

What was the best book you read in January?

I'd have to say it's a tie. It honestly seems like all the books I've read in the past month were amazing. I actually loved all of them, but the two that are sticking out the most for me are:

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I couldn't put down either of these books and when they ended, I kept flipping that last page wishing more pages would magically materialize. LOVE them. Heart them. Want to own and squeeze them. They are that good. 

How about you? What were your favorite books that you read in January?


  1. Great choices! I will have to read both of these =)

  2. That's hilarious! These are the same two books that I battled back and forth between for this month's favourite :-) I ended up going with CINDER because it felt so original and yet so familiar at the same time, but I *loved* the heck out of THE STATISTICAL PROBABILITY OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. You have great taste in books lol :-)

  3. Oh man, everyone loves STATISTICAL PROBABILITY! I love contemp, so that got moved WAY up on my TBR list! And I've heard great things about CINDER too--the premise is just too cool.

    Great picks!

  4. I'm looking forward to reading CINDER. Everyone seems to love it.

  5. I've got both of those on my TBR pile. Have only heard great things about them so can't wait!

  6. Both of these have me salivating. Can't wait to read them! STATISTICAL PROBABILITY looks adorable, and I totally love Cinderella stories. Great picks!

  7. These both look excellent. i think i need to find some more hours in my day!!

  8. Jaime, I love that we have the same taste! I'll have to keep an eye on what you're reading for future selections. :-)

  9. Yay for THE STATISTICAL PROBABILITY! My choice too. :) And I have CINDER sitting on my nightstand, waiting to be read. Now I feel even more impatient about getting to it!

  10. 3 favs: Hunger Games, Daughter of Smoke & Bone, and Clockwork Angel.

    February's all about sequels! :)