Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten Things I Learned This Weekend

This past weekend marked the first annual YA Berkshires Writing Retreat. It was the most awesome weekend of awesome awesomeness. I met my writing goal and spent the entire weekend with four amazing women. We brainstormed. We wrote. We ate. We slept very little. And every single second was fantastic.

I learned a lot this weekend about my writing and about my new WIP and characters, but there are ten things that have really stuck with each of us. We'd like to share them with you. Some of them won't make sense, but trust us: they're super important.


1. Do not write like Julio.
2. The Amalie Love Shield requires no sauce.
3. The Stink Eye solves all writing procrastination problems.
4. Beware of Poop Skittles, Gummy Trolls and Mucous Pez. (You don't want to know.)
5. Don't piss off the lady who picks the blueberries. Just sayin.
6. In The Berkshires, a Hoo-Ha is not what you think it is.
7. Dance breaks do not require standing.
8. Not all rental houses have a cheese grater.
9. Fonts are very, very important.
10. Saying goodbye is hard to do...that's why you should wait until the last possible second to leave.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Kristi Cook, Amalie Howard, Danielle Ellison & Kate Kaynak for a wonderful weekend! 


  1. What a fabulous, FABULOUS weekend with an amazing group of ladies! I can't *wait* to do it again!!! The Berkshires are beautiful in the fall--just sayin'!

  2. This was so much fun, AND we got a crap ton done! Win-win!

  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all. :) Unfortunately I don't have much of a support group out here, but I'm looking though looks like great fun with lots of progress.

  4. Lucy, it can be hard to find a good group sometimes. I have been super lucky in the friends I've made, and I bet you will too if you keep at it. :-)

  5. Sounds like a great time! I'd love to try a writers' retreat.

  6. Deniz, it really was wonderful. I hope you can go on one yourself soon! Thanks so much for stopping by.